• Wedding Series

  • Learn to dance with our Wedding Series

    Series 1

    You will learn to dance Foxtrot, Rumba & Swing (or dances of your choice) with comfort and ease
    Nine 1 Hour Lessons for only $425*

    Series 2

    You will learn to dance Foxtrot & Rumba (or dances of your choice) with comfort and ease
    Six 1 Hour Lessons for only $300*

    Series 3

    Your first dance ~ choreographed to your music.
    Four 1 Hour Lessons for only $220*

    This offer is good only for Wedding Couples, Wedding Parties or Parents of the Bride and Groom (Add $10 per lesson for each additional couple to Series 1 or 2)

    We have worked with many bridal couples over the years.  We will work with you on “your dance” with choreography from the beginning to the end of “your song” or we will teach you steps that allow you to improvise.

    Pick out “your song” and we will help you determine which dance best fits “your song”. If you have a certain dance you would like to 
    perform, we can recommend songs that will fit that type of dance.

    To schedule time for your Private Lessons & confirm pricing, please contact Esther Amick

    For costs on other Private Lessons, please contact Esther Amick

    Your First Dance as Husband and Wife

    Picture it: it’s your wedding day. You’ve spent the last year ironing out every detail to make it the perfect day. Your dress is everything you’ve dreamed of since you were a little girl. The cake is stunning, the decorations are beautiful, and the bridesmaids are beaming. There isn’t a dry eye in the house as the MC announces the first dance of the new couple.

    The band starts to play “your” song, and your new husband leads you out on the floor. He takes you in his arms and…sways back and forth, in one spot, for the next three and a half minutes. What happened? Oh, you forgot to take dance lessons! Why would anyone spend that much time, energy and money on planning the perfect day, but leave out this one important detail? We have helped many couples prepare for their first dance as husband & wife and we have assembled a list of frequently asked questions & questions you need to ask.

    How many lessons should you take?

    This depends on many factors:

    • How good you want to be
    • How quickly you learn
    • Whether you’ve had any dance experience (of any kind) in the past
    • How much you want to learn
    • Do you just want to learn a few steps and be able to get around the floor, repeating them over & over without stepping on each other?
    • Do you want a fully choreographed routine, involving many more steps & maybe some advanced moves?
    • Do you want to learn a couple of different types of dances so that you can dance all night long, or just enough to get through “your song”?

    How Soon Should We Start Dance Lessons?

    At a bare minimum, for average learners who only want to learn a few steps, five hours of Private Lessons are generally sufficient. Allow enough time to practice between your Private Lessons and remember; the last few days/weeks before the Wedding are very busy, so plan to start your dance lessons early enough to practice so you feel comfortable on the dance floor for “your” song. 
    Depending on what package you are going to select, start your lessons at a minimum, at least two months before the wedding, so that you can take one per week and have some time left in case you miss a week, decide you need an extra hour or two, or just have too much to do right before the event.
    If you want to learn more or are considering Series 1 or 2, consider starting six months to a year before the Wedding Day. You can start by taking some group lessons, which are economical, and start taking Private Lessons once you have decided on a song or have decided on a dance style.

    What Dance Should You Learn?

    This depends entirely on the song you pick. Pick a song that is meaningful to you, and then, with the help of your instructor, you can determine the dance.

    Rumba & Foxtrot are very common dances & can be danced to many different styles of music. You may end up picking a song that is difficult to dance to, but your instructor should be able to help you work it out. It is important that you like the song you pick & that the guests will enjoy it as you are dancing. Don’t be afraid to break from tradition. Some couples will do Swing, ChaCha or even Tango as their first dance!

    Is Our Song Too Long?

    We recommend that you dance about 2 – 3 minutes. Many people worry that their guests won’t want to watch them dance too long. If your song is longer than 3 minutes, we may be able to burn a CD with a shortened version for your DJ to play.
    Even if you are having a band, we recommend that “your song” be a CD so there are no surprises in rhythm changes, length, etc.

    Pick a song that means something to you

    • Was it the first song you ever danced to together?
    • Do you remember the song that was playing on the radio during your first kiss?
    • Maybe it’s a romantic song by your favorite band.
    • Do you want something slow and romantic, or upbeat and fun?
    • Do you want one of the old standards, or something more modern?
    • Do you like alternative, rock, oldies, or country music?

    Try to have a song picked by your first lesson so we can get you started right away learning to dance to it.

    A Few Suggestions for First Dance Songs


    • Leann Rimes: “But I Do Love You”
    • Ronan Keeting: “When You Say Nothing at All”
    • Meghan Trainor (featuring John Legend) "Like I'm Gonna Lose You"
    • Charlie Puth: "One Call Away"
    • Ed Sheeran: "Thinking Out Loud"
    • Savage Garden: "I Knew I Loved You"
    • Mark Wills: "I Do"

    Foxtrot: (some of these can also be Swing)

    • Michael Buble`: “The More I See You”
    • Michael Buble` or Frank Sinatra: “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”
    • Frank Sinatra: “Fly Me to the Moon”
    • Frank Sinatra: “The Best is Yet to Come”
    • Frank Sinatra: “The Way You Look Tonight”
    • Frank Sinatra: “Dancing Cheek to Cheek”
    • Rod Stewart or Harry Connick Jr.: “It Had to Be You”
    • Harry Connick Jr.: “Love is Here to Stay”
    • Harry Connick Jr.: "It Had to be You"
    • Michael Buble: "My Kind of Girl"

    Night Club Two Step:

    • Celine Dion: “Because I Loved You”
    • Shania Twain: “From This Moment”
    • Mark Wills: “Back at One”
    • Sara Evans: “I Could Not Ask for More”
    • Tim McGraw & Faith Hill: “It’s Your Love”
    • Rascal Flatts: “I Melt”
    • Faith Hill: “This Kiss”
    • Faith Hill: “Breathe”
    • Faith Hill: “Still the One”
    • Savage Garden: “I Knew I Loved You”
    • Bruno Mars: “Just the Way You Are”


    • Stevie Wonder: “I Just Called to Say I Love You”
    • Jessica Simpson: “Take My Breath Away”
    • Michael Buble`: “Everything”
    • Maroon 5: "She Will be Loved"
    • Michael Buble: "Whatever it Takes"
    • Ed Sheeran: "Photograph"
    • John Legend: "Love in the Future"


    • Evora Daveed: “Tango”


    • Norah Jones: “Come Away with Me”


    • Jason Mraz: “I'm Yours”
  • Questions we're likely to ask you

    • Do you have a special song?

    • Have you had a chance to look at our bridal packages (see above), and which one appeals to you?

    • Given that you have enough time before your Wedding, are you open to taking Group Classes before your Private Choreography Lessons, knowing that you will have to change partners in Group Classes?