• Testimonials

  • We wanted to feel more at ease during our first dance so we decided to contact Don and Esther to give us some lessons. We made our decision only a few weeks before the wedding but they were so willing to help and accommodating with our schedule. The lessons gave us confidence, we really felt prepared for our first dance and we had fun throughout the process. We loved the experience! May 2014

    Vladimir Bazan

  • Esther and Don taught us our wedding dances. They did a fantastic job working with us at our pace and creating dances that were personalized for us. They were fun to work with and we felt like it was a bonus getting both of them together! Usually there is one dance teacher per couple but we were able to learn twice as fast since we had both Esther and Don. They are fantastic dancers and we would highly recommend them as teachers! June 2012

    Ramez & Julie Habash

  • My husband and I wanted our first wedding dance together to be one we would never forget. To achieve this we knew we wanted to take dance lessons. There are several instructors out there but we are convinced Don and Esther are the BEST! They are very good dancers as well as very good teachers. My Husband will be the first to tell to about his "2 left feet" but they helped him overcome this and helped him dance like a pro. Not only did they teach us how to dance but they helped us with song selection and choreography. From our first lesson up to our wedding we had TONS of fun! We decided not only to have private lessons for our "first dance" but to also take a few different group lessons as well. Every evening spent dancing was an evening spent enjoying ourselves , laughing and enjoying our company! Thank you Don and Esther for an experience we will never forget and they taught us some "killer" dance moves!! November 2012

    Doug & Mikaela Westerby

  • My husband Matt surprised me with private dance lessons from Don and Esther for the second Christmas that we had been dating. We learned some Rhumba dance moves our first lesson, and one lesson turned into a string of many. Don and Esther from the start made us feel very comfortable—almost as if we had been friends for a long time. They were excellent at instilling confidence into our learning. Don and Esther are also great at providing opportunities outside of the lessons such as practice dances and weekly emails suggesting where in town to find places to dance. These opportunities really helped cultivate our dancing skills. We took many more lessons, and as our wedding date approached, Matt and I asked Don and Esther to help us prepare a special first dance, also a Rhumba, to share with our friends and family. It was an honor to learn our first dance from Don and Esther and have them at our wedding to share in watching our first dance with us. You would not believe how many compliments we received on our first dance, many of our guests saying they had never seen a more enjoyable first dance. Matt and I owe this special memory to them. June 2014

    Jenna and Matt Coe

  • Jamie and I have been taking lessons from Don and Esther for 4 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I must admit I was very hesitant at first but Don and Esther made us feel at home. We have made many new friends and continue to enjoy learning to dance. We have struggled with some dances but Don & Esther were very patient and their techniques have made it very easy for us to learn. Now when we go out we can dance with confidence and we have fun doing it. November 2015

    Jeff Vinson

  • Don and Esther choreographed our first dance for our wedding reception. They were so welcoming and put us at ease immediately. We had no dance experience, but the Amicks were so easy to work with, and we gained confidence as they helped us. The whole experience was fun! We can't wait to impress our wedding guests when we step onto the dance floor!! April 2017

    Emily Donaldson & Jeff Trotta