• Private Lessons

  • Private Dance Lessons are the best way to "jump start" your dance.  Whether you are just beginning or are an accomplished dancer, one on one instruction is a great way to improve your dancing.  If you are just starting, Private Lessons can give you confidence and help you understand the rhythm of the dance(s) you are wanting to learn and help you with a new move you are learning.  Private Lessons give you reinforcement in what you are working on, whether learning as a single or a couple.

    If you are an accomplished dancer, Private Lessons can help you with your leading and following skills, tackling a difficult move, understanding a syncopated move, working on your turns and balance and a host of other things.  

    Everyone learns at a different pace and your sense of rhythm and your practice time will always enhance your learning speed.

    NOTE - We require a 24 hour cancellation notice or you will be charged for the Private Lesson.  This allows us time to book another Private Lesson in that time slot.

  • Semi-Private or Group Private Lessons

    Semi-Private or Group Private Lessons are a great way to learn to dance without changing partners and where you can decide what dance(s) you would like to learn.  Sometimes a group of friends want to learn to dance together or are maybe getting ready to go to a Wedding together, a cruise or a destination Wedding or vacation.  We can easily accommodate 4-5 couples in our home studio, if you are wanting to learn a Swing style of dance, Rumba, ChaCha, etc.  We can accommodate 2 or 3 couples if the group wants to learn a progressive dance.

    As a group, you decide what dance(s) you want to learn based on the type of music you like or enjoy.  Everyone, together, determines the date and the time of each lesson.  All couples must practice between lessons so you can move ahead with the lessons as a group.

    Prices for Semi-Private or Group Private Lessons are $60 for the first couple and each additional couple is $10 - so if there were 4 couples, it would be $60 + $30 totals $90.  When divided among the 4 couples, the cost of the lesson would be $22.50 per couple.

  • Questions

    • What is included with each Private Lesson

      Each Private Lesson includes one on one time with the instructors.  We will show you what we are going to teach, we explain the frame, timing of the dance, placement of the dance on the floor and if it is a spot dance or a progressive dance.  Once we gave shown and explained the move to you, we will have you dance as a couple and critique what you are doing.  We will then break you apart and we will dance with you each individually and help you with the lead and the follow.  We then put you back together again so you can practice it as a couple.  This will continue with each move and each lesson we teach you as a couple to ensure you are learning the correct techniques, frame, footwork etc.

      If you are a Single taking Private Lessons, the process is the same.  We will explain and show you what we are going to teach you, as above. Then you will dance with either Don or me as the other one of us observes.  We will follow the same process as above throughout the Private Lesson.

      If you are taking a Semi-Private or a Group Private Lesson, we will do the same type of instruction but there won't be as much one on one time because of the number of couples/individuals in the Private Lesson.

      As with all other things you learn in life, practice time between Private Lessons is essential to continue learning.  You do not want to pay us to watch you practice.

    • Do you offer a sampler with the instructor before we commit to a full series?

      We offer Private Lessons on an individual basis, so you register for and schedule Private Dance Lessons as they fit into your schedule.  We offer a variety of days & times, both daytime and evening Private Lessons.  And, you can always take a 55 minute Private Lesson prior to committing to a full Wedding Series.  Individual Private Lessons are $35 for a 30 minute Private Lesson or $60 for a 55 minute Private Lesson.

      The Wedding Series price for Private Lessons does not go into effect until you commit to the Wedding Series of your choice.  If you require one or two additional Private Lessons after you have completed your Wedding Series session, they may be purchased at the same rate as your original Wedding Series package.

    • Do I need to decide what package I would like before I start my lessons?

      We do not offer individual Private Lessons in series, so you register and pay for each Private Lesson as you take them.

      You do not need to decide before starting your Private Dance Lessons which Wedding Series you want to sign up for.  Once you have selected your Wedding Song, we will show you some of the moves that will work well with your song and you can determine how accomplished you want to feel the day of your Wedding.

      Do not put off starting your Private Lessons for your Wedding - the earlier you can start, the better.  The more time you have to practice will determine how comfortable and at ease you are on your Wedding Day.