• Class Schedule

  • DanceSteps offers Group Dance Classes on Tuesday evenings in 4 week sessions January - May and September - November.  We do not teach Group Dance Classes June - August and in December.  It is recommended that you attend Group Classes each week.  The 4 week session consists of 3 weeks of learning the basic rhythm, the lead & follow, a few turns and how the dance maneuvers around the dance floor.  The 4th week is a review of everything you have learned for the month and we give you time to dance it all to music.

    We offer the following in Group Classes:
    Beginning Lessons at 6:30
    Beginning Lessons at 7:15
    Beginning/Intermediate Lessons at 8:00
    Intermediate Lessons at 8:45

    Information for New Students
    Welcome to DanceSteps. If this is your first experience dancing, we're sure you'll enjoy the Beginning Classes we offer. If you have danced before, hopefully, we'll give you some new moves, polish your technique or help you develop your own style of dancing. We offer a variety of classes to allow everyone an opportunity to learn at your own pace.

    Beginning & Intermediate classes for Couples & Singles are held on Tuesday evenings at The Chocolate Bar, 116, W 3rd Street, downtown Grand Island.  For Group Classes, everyone is required to change partners throughout the class.  Changing partners will greatly enhance your leading and following skills and help introduce you to all of the other couples and singles learning to dance.  Classes on Tuesdays are 40 minutes in length and run in 4 week sessions ~ please try to attend each week.   Tuesday classes are at 6:30, 7:15, 8:00 & 8:45.
    All new dancers must start with Beginning Class unless you have talked to one of the instructors first.  Beginning Dancers should get approval from instructors before moving onto Beginning/Intermediate and Intermediate classes.  

    How to determine which classes to attend...

    BEGINNING  - These classes are designed for people who haven't danced before or those wanting to improve their dancing skills. You will learn the basic step, dance frame, leading and following skills, how to move around the floor, and some basic turns, including wraps, capes, and skaters positions. After you've progressed in your dancing, it's always good to come back to Beginning classes to improve your basic skills. The better you are at the basics, the more you'll enjoy dancing.  We recommend you repeat the Beginning classes several times before moving on to Beg/Intermediate and Intermediate classes.

    BEG/INTERMEDIATE & INTERMEDIATE - These classes will review but not teach the basic step and timing of each dance and, we will teach you the leads and framework for more advanced moves.  The patterns will focus on how to lead and follow on the social dance floor and may include alternate timing and/or syncopations. You should understand the timing and how the dance fits to the music before advancing to Intermediate classes. We do not want you to advance too quickly, as the patterns we teach in these classes are considerably longer and more difficult. If you're considering moving to the next level of classes, it's a good idea to check with the Instructor prior to the class.  We may recommend you stay in Beginning Classes in some dances and move on to Intermediate Classes in others and again, be sure to check with the instructor before moving on.  If you advance on your own and we feel you are not prepared, we may ask you to watch, rather than participate in the class.

    Please enlist your friends, co-workers and relatives to join our Dance Classes. As an incentive, for each person you enlist to buy the 5 month Spring Memberships, the 3 Month Fall Membership or an 8 month DanceSteps Membership, you will receive a FREE 30 minute Private Lesson. The 5 Month Spring Membership is January - May and 3 Month Fall Memberships is September - November. The 8 month DanceSteps Membership is for both sessions. While we do not teach Group Classes June - August or in December; we are available for Private Lessons during those months.

    There is water available at the Group Classes NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED.


    We want you to know we are available for Private Lessons and will try to accommodate your schedule. 1 private lesson is the equivalent of 4 - 8 group classes - this varies with each individual. Whether you want to perfect a move or improve your overall dancing, Private Lessons are one on one instructions and they are tailored to your needs. The better you know the basics, the more fun you will have dancing.  If you see someone dancing & you like the way they look, remember it normally has taken many years to reach that level of dancing.

    NOTE ~ We reserve the right to cancel classes because of low attendance, weather or when instructors are on vacation or at conventions.